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We hope to venture further afield so stay tuned for some more sea adventures and walkthroughs!.

Jeanneau Powerboat Dealers

BHG Marine

BHG Marine, The Shipyard, Bath Road, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 3YL

Tel: Sales : 01590 613600 | Parts : 01590 613603

Daniel Yeates at BHG Marine provided us with a superb service when we bought our Merry Fisher 895 Offshore from BHG Marine. Daniel answered our every question and provided us with all the knowledge we needed to make informed decisions on buying our dream boat!

BHG Marine are part of the Berthon Boat Company group. Situated within Berthon Lymington Marina on the Lymington River, they have a wealth of services and facilities within their 18-acre site.

Visit their sales office and showroom to see a wide range of new and used powerboats and yacht tenders. Specialising in Jeanneau powerboats, Zodiac and AB RIBs, inflatables and yacht tenders, Linder aluminium boats, Yamaha outboard engines, davit systems, Propguards, Rigiflex and much more.

Merry Fisher 895 powerboat

Boatshop 24

Boatshop24 is a good website for finding, buying and selling new and used powerboats available in the UK.

Start your search for new and used boats or create your boat advert in a few simple steps.

Garmine Marine Chartplotter

Cambrian Boats

Cambrian Boats Langdon Road Swansea SA1 8QY UK

Tel: +44(0)1792 655925

Official and approved suppliers of new boats from famous manufacturers ... Jeanneau, Prestige, Glastron, Warrior and Brig.

Having grown out of their original showroom in Swansea Marina after 23 years they moved into their purpose built showroom, workshop and yard just 5 minutes away in the prestigious SA1 development at the end of 2015. It is a development they are extremely proud of as it allows them to present you, the boat buyer, with a boatshow every day. They have a range of new and used power boats for sale in their yard and showroom year round and with a purpose built workshop on site all your purchasing and maintenance needs can be taken care of under one roof.

Morgan Marine logo

Morgan marine

L H Morgan & Sons (Marine) Ltd The Boatyard, Shipyard Estate Brightlingsea COLCHESTER Essex CO7 0AR

Tel: 01206 302003

Morgan Marine are a distributor of Jeanneau motor boats (including Merry Fisher, NC, Cap Camarat and DB), Excel inflatable Boats and Highfield Aluminium RIBs; plus outboard engines. They also stock a wide range of used boats, including affordable fishing boats, sportsboats, yachts and RIBs. View their ranges of new boats or their wide selection of used boats.

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Merry Fisher 895 powerboat at sea

Our Articles

We will be publishing more articles based on the type of questions we are asked on our YouTube Channel. Let us know if you'd like us to cover something in an article and stay posted for more articles!

Guide to buying a Motor Boat

Boats are categorised according to their sea capabilities. For example, our old Merry Fisher 795 was a Cat C boat, suitable for staying in coastal waters and waves no more than 2 metres high. By contrast, our Merry Fisher 895 Offshore is a Cat B boat and is suitable for venturing offshore and waves no more than 4 metres high.

Where do I look to decide on a boat I like?

Initially, we searched online for boating publications and dealers and narrowed our search by visiting nearby marinas to physically look at different types of boat. You may want to visit boat shows to speak to experts and shop around. Once we decided on the type of boat we liked, we visited dealers that had the boat for sale and had a good look inside. We then sought the cheapest deal amongst several dealers!

Once you have established your dealer it is important to develop a strong relationship with them as this will help to ensure nothing is overlooked and all of your questions are answered.

Do you want an enclosed or open cabin?

You may just want to use your boat in better weather and not opt for an enclosed cabin. Our boat has an enclosed cabin and with heating on board, it is very comfortable and warm when it’s freezing outside.

Will you use your motor boat mainly for leisure or fishing?

Some boats are better equipped for fishing and vice versa. For example, in Jeanneau’s Merry Fisher range of boats the Marlin is better adapted for fishing. Other boats have more areas for lounging on cushions outside.

Do I choose a new or used boat?

If you are buying a new boat you have the option of buying direct from a manufacturer or via an authorised dealer or agent. If the manufacturer is not based in your country then it is likely that they will have a local agent you can contact.

You should always ensure that you receive a builder's certificate, and that the boat is built and equipped to Boat Safety Scheme standards. You should always make sure that sea trials are included as part of any contract you sign as it is important that you try the boat before you buy it.

When buying a used boat you can either do so using a broker or through a private sale. Whichever option you choose it is important that you go for a number of viewings and look out for things such as, indentations in the hull, oil leaks, damage to the propellers and rudder, signs of corrosion on metal hulls and signs of damp. Find out as much as you can about the boat before you make an offer, such as the history of the boat, outstanding mortgages, how long the boat has been for sale, and whether it has been in any accidents. Once you have done your visual inspection and background checks it is vital that you partake in a sea trial to see how the boat actually runs and handles.

Once you have narrowed down your search and found a number of motor boats you are interested in you should arrange viewings and get a surveyor to inspect each vessel, including the hull. If any works are required on a boat you can either insist the work is done and paid for by the vendor or have the price reduced accordingly. If the vendor does not agree to these options you can withdraw from the sale and have your deposit returned.

What costs do I need to consider?

Once you've identified the type of boat you'd like based on your budget, you will want to consider the cost of additional boat specifications, boat extras, delivery of the boat, boat insurance, boat survey (if required), mooring or marina fees, fuel costs, engine servicing costs, safety equipment (life raft, life jackets, tender etc), maintenance costs (cleaning and re-painting of hull) and toys, such as towables and paddleboards.

What training and qualifications will I need?

The type of training and qualifications required will vary according to your own geographical location, use of boat and type of boat. In the UK, leisure boat users are required to be trained in the use of the VHF Radio if it is carried onboard. For equipment capable of voice transmissions a maritime radio operator licence (such as the Short Range Certificate (SRC) is usually required for the operator. We opted to do a Power Boat course and online Seamanship course as well, which we found invaluable. The RYA run these courses and qualifications in the UK. There are different requirements for the commercial use of boats.

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We hope to venture further afield so stay tuned for some more sea adventures and walkthroughs!.

Safety Equipment for Powerboats

What safety equipment will I need?

The type of safety equipment that is required by law will vary according to your own country. Here, we provide a comprehesive list of safety equipment that you should consider for your powerboat...

Lifejacket (or buoyancy aid) for everyone onboard.

Kill cord and spare for your type of engine (as they vary).

Marine Radio (VHF).

Distress Flares.

Radar Reflector

Chart(s), Almanac and Pilot Book.


Hand Bearing Compass.

First Aid Kit.

Space Blanket.

Liferaft and Grab bag.

Fire Extiguisher/Fireblanket.

Life Ring

Bailer, Bilge Pump, Bungs for water ingress.

Toolkit and spares for engine and electrics.

Spare fuel.

Knife (for cutting caught lines).

Pump and puncture repair kit (for inflatable boats).


Anchor and cable/warp.

Alternative means of propulsion for smaller boats (oars, outboard engine etc).

Mobile Phone (and waterproof case).


Fog Horn

Mooring Lines and Fenders.

Chartplotter and Depth Sounder.

Hat and warm/dry clothing.

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We hope to venture further afield so stay tuned for some more sea adventures and walkthroughs!.

Trim Tabs or Interceptors?

A guide to choosing Trim Tabs or Interceptors.

Trim tabs and interceptors are designed to improve the performance of your motor boat by correcting uneven weight distribution, enabling the boat to get on the plane quickly and improving speed and stability.

How do trim tabs and interceptors work?

Trim tabs are metal plates that push down from the back of the transom, creating an upward force to raise the aft end of the boat while pushing down the bow. Tabs can be adjusted between port and starboard to help a boat run level despite an uneven weight load or listing.

Conversely, interceptors are blades that sit inside a thin housing mounted to the edge of the transom and deploy vertically, pushing straight down just below the bottom of the boat to create lift. Multiple units can be mounted along a transom to increase the amount of lift.

Pros and Cons of trim tabs and interceptors.

Trim tabs are bigger than interceptors and can cause more ‘drag’, which makes them less efficient. On the other hand, interceptors are deployed more quickly, making them more efficient.

As interceptors are actuated from a thin housing unit, they do not ‘stick out’ like trim tabs and don’t get in the way of lines or swimmers’ hands and feet.

Your choice between trim tabs or interceptors may come down to cost. Indeed, trim tabs are cheaper than interceptors.

Our move from Trim Tabs to Interceptors.

On our old Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 we had trim tabs fitted, which we adjusted manually. Once we learnt to get the best out of them, we found that they improved the boat’s stability and fuel economy and getting on the plane was quick and easy.

By contrast, on our Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 we had interceptors (Zipwakes) fitted, which work automatically. Their automation makes for plane sailing and the boat’s performance, speed, stability and fuel economy are taken care of without us having to think about it as we enjoy our journey. We think interceptors work more efficiently and ‘look’ much better than trim tabs. For these reasons, we prefer interceptors.

However, we would say that it would be worth you taking a boat with interceptors fitted out for a sea trial before making your choice.

Take a look at our Powerboating Adventures YouTube Episode that shows you how the Zipwake Interceptor system works on our boat.

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We hope to venture further afield so stay tuned for some more sea adventures and walkthroughs!.

Merry Fisher 895 Review

A review of the Merry Fisher 895 Offshore Powerboat.

This review is based on our personal experience of owning a Merry Fisher 895 and we hope that you find it useful if you’re in the market for buying a boat.


With twin Yamaha F200 GETX engines we get onto the plain very quickly and at around 4000rpm we travel at around 21 knots. We have done a performance and speed test video, which you can view here on our YouTube Channel.

Here, we can offer you some fuel consumption data we collected. We recorded the distance in nautical miles of each of our trips and calculated the amount of fuel used (petrol) in litres per nautical mile. During these trips, we travelled in both calm and rough seas and at various states of tide. Here are some of the figures – the total distance covered at the time of writing was 187.2 nautical miles and the average number of litres used per nautical mile was 2.77. The price of petrol will obviously vary according to your location, but for us based on these figures, the total cost of petrol was £622.08.

The top speed of the Merry Fisher 895 with twin 200hp engines is around 37 knots, we are yet to test the boat in this respect, but the sweet spot of between 21 and 24 knots gives you a very comfortable ride!

Striking Features.

The large windows in the cabin make it exceptionally light inside and you get a good sense of openness and space. The large windows give you outstanding views onto the water.

The side door in the cabin provides great access to the forward and rear decks. We have found this especially helpful when docking and mooring the boat.

The heads are a good size and you can stand up with enough headroom to comfortably move around. The shower behind the door is a great added extra!

The ample storage compartments on the Merry Fisher 895 mean that you can stow away all your equipment. We keep our dinghy, fishing equipment and fenders in the lazarette (storage locker) below the cockpit, leaving the decks clear!

The sleeping space in both bedrooms is good and the views onto the water from the main bedroom are spectacular!

The height of the galley makes cooking easier as you don’t have to bend down as much as you would with some galley set ups.


The boat feels pretty stable when we have been in waves of around 1.7 to 2.00 metres and your height above the water adds to the overall feeling of stability. The Offshore version of the 895 has a strengthened hull giving it offshore capability. I always keep this in mind when we are going through choppy water and I can hear and feel the boat crashing through the waves!

Take a look at our Powerboating Adventures YouTube Episode that gives you a very detailed walkthrough of the Merry Fisher 895 Offshore.

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We hope to venture further afield so stay tuned for some more sea adventures and walkthroughs!.

Our Favourite Boating Apps

A list of our favourite boating Apps.

Boating Apps can provide a wealth of information for boaters, such as weather forecasts, tide times, anchorage points to name but a few. As signals can be lost at sea, you shouldn't solely rely on your mobile phone for this information. Nevertheless, we have put together a list of 6 boating apps that we have found very useful!

1. Predict Wind

Predict Wind App logo

Predict Wind (the free version) provides weather patterns, wind speed, wind direction and much more. The paid version has a weather routing service that enables you to plan the best passage according to the weather forecast and sea conditions. We have found this app to be very accurate and we can see when a storm is coming or when it’s going to be calm seas!

2. Windy

windy app logo

Windy is another excellent app that provides the following information at a glance... wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, currents speed, swell size, swell period, tide heights and a lot more! We like the apps’ interface that allows you to see all of this information at a glance. This app has also proven to be very accurate.

3. My Tide Times

my tide times app logo

My Tide Times gives you the times of daily low and high tides and their respective heights. We have found this app great for a quick visual reading of the tide.

4. RYA SafeTrx app

rya logo

The RYA SafeTrx app (UK) monitors your boat journeys and can alert emergency contacts should you fail to arrive on time. It is an app for both Android and Apple iOS smartphones that allows you to track your journey on your phone. Since RYA SafeTrx periodically sends your location data back to a dedicated server, HM Coastguard's response team can get help directly to you, and quickly.


Navily app logo

Navily maps out anchorage sites and gives you information about the site, such as seabed type (e.g. sand), access (by dinghy) to beach, snack bars, mooring buoys and much more!

6.Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic app logo

MarineTraffic displays near real-time positions of ships and yachts worldwide. Using the largest network of land-based AIS receivers, the app covers most major ports and shipping routes.

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We hope to venture further afield so stay tuned for some more sea adventures and walkthroughs!.

Mindlefullness Through Boating

Boating your way out of stress!

Boating could be one of the best ways to relax as we navigate the turbulent journey of life's stresses. What better way to unwind by tinkering with your boat, admiring the scenery of the open water and engaging in watersports.

We all need that sense of freedom and open water gives you that in abundance. Whether you rent or own a boat you can enjoy taking to the water for a day out or a staycation.

The need to nurture our mental health has never been greater because of the issues the pandemic caused and the cost of living crisis. Our thoughts and feelings could do with being drenched in beautiful scenery, marine wildlife and messing about in boats.

Many people will be substituting their holiday abroad with a staycation because of the cost of travelling abroad. What could be better than being self-sufficient in a boat with picnics, taking a dip in warmer weather and relaxing whilst moored in a pretty setting. Or indeed, undertaking activities like fishing, paddle boarding, water skiing, fun with towables and snorkelling.

The peace and tranquillity that boating can bring should not be underestimated at a time when we need distraction from our worries!

Here are some comments from our boating community that highlight the increasing popularity of boating your way out of lockdown.

‘Here in the US, boating was huge last summer. Sales of new boats were also way up. A "staycation" with a boat rocks!’

‘A few states had boating lockdowns, mine (South Carolina) closed boat ramps, piers, and even beach access. This excluded commercial fishing and people with private docks/lifts/ramps. Once it was lifted, boat sales were crazy. Whole dealerships completely sold out for the year, in May.’

‘Marinas, mechanics, and dealers have had their best years ever. The marina I keep my boat at, now has a 60 person wait list and we only hold 75 boats. Aside from marinas with a bridge clearance of less than 4ft, there isn't a single open slip on the lake. It was a godsend to have a boat and a slip this past summer. I used my boat more than ever!’

I rest my case!

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We hope to venture further afield so stay tuned for some more sea adventures and walkthroughs!.


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